I was going to write-off Tamannaah (that was more confusing than spelling out ‘banana’) but then I realised that she starred in the cult hit Himmatwala and she’s at some Filmfare-related gig so she must be worth her salt. She looks nice enough. The dress fits her well and the colour is a bright, jump-up-and-dance-everything-is-right-with-the-world colour.

I think there’s something particularly kinky about an exposed zipper at the front of a dress that unzips all the way down. Not that I’m saying Tamannaah is do-able in any way. She, after all, tried to make the 80s look sexy and failed miserably.

Her shoes are obviously a stylist’s suggestion. Like, “let’s go completely fashionable and pair yellow with blue. Yay to us!”