Just another party

It’s a dry day today. It’s a Friday and it’s a dry day. Thanks a lot Maharashtra government. Don’t you have potholes to fill and streets to keep clean? This has got nothing to do with the post but since it has ruined my weekend I thought I’d spread the joy.

So Sanjay Kapoor threw a bash for his Bollywood buddies and I swear I cannot find what the occasion was. Maybe he knew beforehand that today was a dry day and decided to party well in advance. Good on you.

Karisma Kapoor

You know my thoughts on jumpsuits but do you know how I feel about jumpsuits with torn sleeves? Not very favourably. What’s the point of them? You either have sleeves or you don’t. This one would have made a great jumpsuit if it had a halter neck. Her shoes are the best part with the bright blue base. Just that I did not know that we now match our eye shadow to the bottom of our shoes. Thanks for that, Karisma.

Adhuna Akhtar

I’m not sure how I feel about leather. I think I like it in small doses as a belt or watchstrap. But an entire dress might be pushing it. How sweet of Farhan Akhtar (more on him) to match his shoes to Adhuna’s dress. Or wait, is that dress made of rexine!?

Sohail Khan

That’s a misleading message Sohail Khan’s gotten on his tee. The man does not try. At all. Not in life, fashion or work. That might actually be a good thing. One less talentless brother to deal with.

Dino Morea

Dino Morea was on kebab serving duty.