Sweaty Sweetie


Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Psst! Huma! Is it just me or does Person Who Looks a Lot Like Richa Chadda seem pale? You think she’s sick? Does that explain the sweat stains? Hehehe.

Huma Qureshi: Hahaha. Shhh! Stop laughing. Put on your serious face.


Nawaz: Done. Ah! The perks of being a good actor.


Maybe Richa Chadda: No, Anurag. I must clear the air. I must tell Nawaz and Huma that I am not sick and that these are indeed sweat stains that I have not bothered to do anything about. You heard that, Huma? Heard it!?


Huma: Bachao! Man Who Plays Sardar Khan’s Eldest Son, save me.

Man Who Plays Sardar Khan’s Eldest Son: Take your unshapely tunic-encased hands off me, Woman Who Asks FaisalĀ for Written Permission.


Bips Luv Urself

The title is her Twitter handle, and the only reason I’ve put it there is because I need SOMETHING to make fun of… because homegirl has got it right like Sachin Tendulkar’s batting hand. That’s a great outfit – she knows it, you know it, we know it.


The print is adventurous without being OTT, the make up is spot on – especially the lipstick, the lazy waves work well, the length is perfect and the heels might be safe, but they somehow pull the outfit together.

This is not good for the universe, because now it will have to create an Indian movie version of Game of Thrones, starring Salman Khan as Hodor: Who cares if Winter is Coming when I can be shirtless?

(Psst: I am a huge GoT fan. Expect a million more references here, especially since the new season comes out in a few days. YOU ARE FOREWARNED. WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE. YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW. IT IS KNOWN.)