Fire Your Fashion Week – Day 2 Part 1

The GenX of designers always do wonky stuff, presumably to stand out in the crowd, despite the Manish Malhotra’s and the Anita Dongres of the world churning out one gorgeous wearable design after another.

THIS is what our up-and-comers came up with this season. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be Shahid Afraidi.

Aimaan and Armaan 1

Aimaan and Armaan


This is OBVIOUSLY what Princess Leia will wear after she gets an MBA at NMIMS and is shortlisted for an interview with Morgan Stanley.

Aditi 1

Aditi Holani

Okay first of all, HAHAH HOLANI. Okay, got the juvenile out of the way so that I can do some serious critiquing. I’m told this collection is called the Wabi-Sabi collected, and as you can see it is trying very hard to be geisha-fabulous, but all I see is those strings getting stuck in all sorts of things like revolving doors and my boyfriend’s watch and and my own teeth and suchlike.

Pronoy Kapoor 2

Pronoy Kapoor


Okay, I like the organza and the sheath dress et al, BUT WHAT DO I DO WHEN I HAVE TO CROSS THE ROAD?



Fire Your Fashion Week – Day 1

We love Fashion Week at Fire Your Stylist. It’s always fun to check out clothing that ranges from you can’t afford this to you can only wear this on a tranny cruise in outer space on models you will never look like with bodies that make you weep in a corner while snorting maida.

So you know, Fashion Week, yay!

Anyhoo, for the sake of Mr. Fuck, we will be reviewing each outfit on two parameters:

Wearability – Ranked on a scale of MY EYES to 5

Aestheticism – Ranked on a scale of 1 to Won’t touch it with a bean pole, but won’t it look great in a glass case at Hard Rock?

Opening the Winter Festive 2013 on Thursday night was Bollywood’s darling, Manish Malhotra. Let’s dig into a few of the many outfits he had to offer, shall we?

Manish Malhotra at LFW WF 203_1

Malhotra’s collection was gorgeous in its simplicity, where he let his fabric choice and silhouettes speak for themselves. This dress is a prime example. The olive green is lovely against the model’s dusky skin, and the neckline offsets its otherwise demureness.

Wearability: 4, because I KNOW my mom would scoff at that neckline.

Aestheticism: 2, because not enough kook in it for it to become art.

Will look great on: Karisma Kapoor

Manish Malhotra at LFW WF 203_2

Gorgeous. Love the layers, love the dash of pink standing out among the browns. Hate the collar, but that’s a small complaint.

Wearability: 5… my cousin’s wedding is coming up. Would you like to gift it to me, Manish?

Aestheticism: 1. Too simple to be displayed, but still beautiful.

Will look great on: Deepika Padukone

Manish Malhotra at LFW WF 203_3

Ehhhh. What this is. A kurta on a pants, with a bared belly button. Now I know that cropped tops were in for a while, but cropped kameezes? Bit much, no? Unless he was designing this as an outfit for an Indian female superhero, which makes it a good fist draft.

Wearability: 2. Indian outfits show a lot of skin, yes, but this is a bit weird.

Aestheticism: 3. Can totally see Kangana Ranaut donning this to promote Krrishshshsh 3.

Will look great on: Kangana Ranaut