Sonakshi Ke Do Rang

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 3.01.45 PMSonakshi: I bet you can’t tell.

Ranveer: I bet you can’t tell either.

Sonakshi: That I’m cleverly using this bouquet of flowers to hide a tear in my dress! I AM GENIUS.

Ranveer: That I am practicing my Superman stare and I am hoping that if I look at you hard enough, you’ll become a cloud of smoke!

Sonakshi: You’re mean.

Ranveer: You’re boring.

Sonakshi: You’re mixing prints!

Ranveer:  You’re dressing like an extra from Moulin Rouge!

Sonakshi: Your tee used to be my couch.

Ranveer: Your forehead used to be my cricket pitch.

Sonakshi: I hate you.

Ranveer: I’m banging Deepika.

Sonakshi: Banging mins?

Ranveer: Sigh.


Colour me white

It’s not something I will easily admit but Deepika Padukone was the only half-decent thing in that godawful regressive film Cocktail. Her character was the only one with some spunk and maybe that’s why she was seen as the vamp aka doosri aurat aka a girl you can’t take home to mummyji because log kya kahenge? It did not help matters that she had a kick-ass wardrobe with sequined dresses and backless gowns. But at least one Adajania did their job right. (Director Homi Adajania’s wife, stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania).

Now it looks like Deepika is riding that wave with this lovely white peplum number. It’s cut beautifully and the hint of black lace only enhances the outfit. Her makeup is bang on and her hair is, what they say, teased into flirty waves. Now only if the shoes had some colour in them. But that’s just me trying to find fault.