Hello, Dolly!

Katrina Kaif1

I guess I get why they Barbie-fied her.


Dhoom 3 – First Look

Okay listen, I don’t understand this concept of a motion poster, because in my head a motion poster is what gives you loosies and I am filled with this irresistible urge to chuck some Lomotil at it. The new Dhoom 3 poster features Aamir Khan’s naked back against a bustling city skyline, most probably Gotham, wearing a jaunty little hat and some pants.

Given what we know about his height, I am guessing that his character is something along the lines of an evil shirtless Charlie-Chaplin, walking around and striking terror into the hearts of citizens by toppling over trash cans and using revolving doors to create elaborate low-speed chase sequences.

Meri pant bhi sexy meri hat bhi sexy.

Meri pant bhi sexy meri hat bhi sexy.

Needless to say, I’m quaking in my shoes right now.