Run-away success

It’s interesting how films, despite what the reviews might say or even the box office, throw success parties within a week of their release. It’s good to see such positive attitude. It’s like celebrating your kid’s birthday before you could even conceive one or buying everyone drinks because you passed the exam weeks before appearing for it.

Farhan Akhtar and Sonam Kapoor attended the aforementioned success party of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Sonam Kapoor in a James Ferreira gown carrying a Bottega Veneta clutch

Sonam in a James Ferreira gown carrying a Bottega Veneta clutch

I love the Grecian silhouette. There’s something romantic and soft about it. However, it could also very easily go into bed sheet territory. Sonam’s look stays firmly in the fashion area. I’d have liked to see her in something more formfitting, though. She’s got the body for it. Her makeup is perfect as is her clutch. She smartly wore flats because she feared the party would be as long as the film and standing in heels for five hours is a tough ask. Aside: As I searched for the image I came across a newspaper article that chastised Sonam for not painting her nails. The mainstream media does have its priorities in place.

I do remember Farhan as being a rather decent dresser but now I think he’s losing the plot. The man is wearing his windcheater indoors and there’s a tree growing out of his crotch. Come on, Farhan. You can do so much better. Now take off your raincoat and tee to get back into our good books.


Being Vogue about it

Bollywood and a few others glammed up for Vogue India’s 5th Anniversary Bash. Can you believe that the magazine has been around for five years? The very same magazine that is so aspirational I can’t even afford to buy it. Considering it’s a Vogue party, where you know, ‘Before it’s in fashion it’s in Vogue’, the performances were so-so.

I don’t know if it’s the angle or the lace neckline but Dia Mirza looks really err… endowed and voluptuous. The dress is giving negligee vibes. What’s going on around her waist? And why is it all black? Ok, red lips would have been too predictable but this ain’t a funeral.

On the red carpet are Smiley and her sister, Underpaid Geisha. Actually, I like what Kajol has on. It’s very unlike her – the colour, cut and more so the fact that it’s not an anarkali or ill-fitting pants. I’m undecided on Tanisha’s gown, but the makeup makes her look like a geisha who has seen better days.

Kalki Koechlin looks like a happy Flapper from the 20s so let’s not kill her buzz. Maybe those chunky shoes and clutch are doing it already.

Somebody tell Prateik the Harley Davidson gang bang session changed its venue last minute. The good thing is he might have to lose his clothes for an entry there.

Not my favourite person, not my favourite look but Siddharth Mallya looks a lot like Hugh Hefner with his smoking slippers and belted jacket. I think I secretly dig this look but I will deny it in court.

Not so pretty in pink

Mugdha Godse gets it wrong at an art event

When I saw the thumbnail, Mugdha Godse looked good. But when the full photo popped up, truth be told, I was a little disappointed. It’s a great colour – delicate and feminine and looks nice on her but do I wish the dress were shorter? Absolutely. But I wish for a lot of things – Kristen Stewart not cheating on Robert Pattinson, pothole-free roads and for thin crust pizza to not be so freaking expensive (it’s bad for my health, must it harm my wallet too?). Are they all fulfilled? Absolutely not. So that point is moot.

Her dress might be pretty but her accessories are all over the place. Woman, did you just pair a black and white mesh belt with brown shoes!? And the last time I checked people used their bags to house their dogs not make clutches out of their shaggy pooches.

I wish I had never laid eyes on that damn thumbnail but then again I wish for many things.