Taking cover – Ranveer and Priyanka

ranveer l'officiel

How does he manage to do it? How does Ranveer Singh manage to have me thinking naughty thoughts while wearing a nath and a blouse!? He’s just exuding so much testosterone.

How did the model get this close to him and not jump his bones?

It’s interesting to see Ranveer carve such a unique fashion niche. There can be many Arjun Kapoors strutting around in their red high heels but don’t think there’ll ever be another Ranveer who wears a septum ring like it’s no big deal.

priyanka haprers

While Ranveer was off doing this, his Kashibai Priyanka Chopra was also on a magazine cover in a nath and a blazer. She looks great, no doubt, but all I have to say is that that’s what most women at weddings end up looking like once the night is winding down and they’ve had to borrow their husband’s blazer because when it’s 10 degrees (25, if you live in Bombay) and your’re at an outdoor wedding and that skimpy choli does not seem like the best idea.


SMS – Subliminal messaging service

I can’t be the only person who is happy that Boogie Woogie is back on TV. We all had that one classmate who appeared on the show and that was his claim to fame and now, years later, still remains just that.

Madhuri, Juhi

Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla showed their love for the show by dropping by and lage hath promoted their film too.

Now, I’m going to get into big trouble with the Universe (namely, Anuya) for saying this, but…JuhiseemswaycoolerthanMadhuri. I said it fast so I can later deny in God’s court. My reference is the Koffee with Karan episode. Juhi was all, ‘I’m so happy to be here. Aren’t you, Madhuri?’ and Mads was being, ‘Can Ranveer dance to my songs only?’

And even now, here, on the sets of Boo Boo Boogie Woogie Woo, Juhi looks like she’s having the most fun. Madhuri is smiling but is it reaching her eyes? And what are their stylists doing? Do they not understand the power of subliminal messages?

Madhuri is the good guy in Gulaab Gang so what is she doing dressed in a structured black blazer whereas Juhi, the villain, is in a flowy white number? Hold on, could this be a subliminal message? Wherein the makers are trying to tell us that the lines between good and evil are blurred and the one who we think is good might not really be so and that it’s all a matter of perception?

I think this has been one of my longer posts and a rather pointless one at that where I’m basically debating with myself. I really need to get out and meet some real life people.