Dedh Ishqiya screening

Dedh Ishqiya premiered and the cast and a few others stopped by for some free popcorn and Coke.

In Manish Malhotra

In Manish Malhotra

Come on, man. Salim got over Anarkali faster than Bollywood who is refusing to let go of the trend. It was fine when it was a nascent fad. But the over embellishment and the reams of cloth and the lack of any visible churidar is really annoying.

Another Manish Malhotra

Another Manish Malhotra

See, then young actors who don’t know better think that they too should carry on this style. No. Just no.

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin’s quirky blouse print cannot distract me from the fact that her sari drape is a lot like the saris of those tense women waiting to board the 7.14 Virar fast. Also Poster Huma is fully eyeballing Real-life Kalki.


Maria in Payal Singhal

Maria in Payal Singhal

Maria Goretti’s blouse has a tail! I know in the past I have loved a sari with a tailcoat blouse but I’m not feeling this one as much. The pallu and the tail are actually fighting for space as is her cuff and bangle stack. Arshad Warsi is cool and should stay this way. Maybe wear a suit that’s not so bulky next time.


At least SOMEONE listens to us.

Thank you Amrita Rao for paying heed to our strong words from a few days ago and cleaning up your act.

In a Mango Boucle jacket.

This is such a welcome change from the previous “Bylanes of Byculla” look, that I might even forgive how slouchy that coral top is and give her  a feathered headdress as a prize.

Although, guys, isn’t it ironic that someone as skinny as her was cast in a movie called Jolly L-POUND?

I’ll give you a minute to get that one.

Jolly Good Show

It’s ironic that Amrita Rao is posing inside a witness stand, because that outfit is definitely a crime.

She’s a spunky young thing with a great, albeit a shade too skinny for my taste, figure, and if I were her, I wouldn’t hide it behind layers and layers of what looks like Shahnaz Hussain’s discarded skin. To quote Maya Sarabhai, that outfit, that hairdo, and those earrings (oh, those earrings) they’re all terribly… middle class. And this is sort of her comeback movie with a GREAT trailer, so Amrita Rao, DAFUQ BRO. Fire your Stylist. And hair and make up artist. And acting coach. And dietician. And doodhwala. And baniya. And.. sorry got a bit carried away there.

Hi, Neha Dhupia!

Long time no see, girlfriend. I know you busy attending shiznit so I’ll keep this brief: Great shoes, great hair, great accessories, but which hospital bed did you steal your dress from and what does Aa Ante Amalsjkjohuram mean?