Horseshitting around

Amyra Dastur and Prateik

This is ludicrous. Amyra Dastur and Prateik promoted their film Issaq while seated in a ghoda gadi. Issaq is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet set in Banaras which is now officially Bollywood’s Switzerland. It’s about time we woke up to beauty of our own country but it’s also about time we stop claiming that a film has been inspired by Shakespeare’s epic love story because, hello, that’s like every other Hindi movie.

So I watched the trailer (that’s 2.23 minutes of my life I’ll never get back) and nowhere does it mention Prateik or Amyra’s characters being in the horse trade. They are not horse breeders, jockeys or even gambling aficionados. Then what are they doing promoting their film in a tanga? The horse is so over this shit. He’s put on blinders because he can’t bear to watch such crap.

Also animal cruelty.

Amyra Dastur and Prateik1

This Amrya girl actually looks quite nice in the film and here too, keeping her non-horse trade related small town girl character in mind, she’s worn a basic kurta. I don’t mind it, it’s whatever. Maybe she bought it with her discount card at the supermarket. Prateik, paying homage to his roadside Romeo character, is in a banyan and shirt. Prateik, shirts have buttons for a reason. Put them to good use, will you? With the branded umbrella they look like any other couple sneaking in a smooch at Bandstand. To which I ask where are the moral police when you need them?