Ash hat

Ash hat1

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is in Australia for the races as part of her tireless work for Longines.

And since she is around horses, it’s only respectful to wear fascinators. So she did. Or did she?

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For one event Aishwarya wore Mickey Mouse on her head.

ash hat3

For another she wore that little twirl of dark chocolate you find on your chocolate pastry.


The ice (cream) goddess

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Kareena Kapoor was dressed like the Grecian goddess of chocolate. Or ice cream. No, chocolate ice cream!

I guess the look served its purpose since she was promoting exactly this.

Cut above the rest: Part Deux

The team of Fitoor headed out to launch the film’s trailer.

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Katrina Kaif  attended in a white Cushnie Et Ochs with an exposed zipper. Obviously, she looked great with her soft make-up and soft waves.

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She also happened to accessorise really well. That finger ring! I want it! I suspect I an obsessed with rings. Not in a I’m-almost-over-the-hill-and-must-get-married way but in a rings-are-amazing way.

PS: Her expression, though.

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Maybe Aditya Roy Kapur too is obsessed with rings  and is totally checking out Katrina’s ring.

Not skirting the issue

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Priyanka: Guys! Ranveer’s wearing a skirt! An actual skirt with pleats and shit.

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That’s right! Ranveer wore a sherwani jacket and a long skirt and was super chill in it. I mean, the guy danced in it too. This, when some of us can barely stand upright in all that cloth.

Props to him for so casually being like, Fuck you, gender rules of dressing. I want to wear a skirt and I’ll wear a damn skirt.

You know, if he next rocks up to an event in a nauvari and totally kills it, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Soulmates vs Solemates

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Awww… you guys!

These two looked like they were having an amazing time.

I would too if I were reunited with my soulmate and was in an amazing dress.

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Kajol’s in a Gauri and Nainika look. Loved that she kept things fuss free with a topknot and few accessories. Now, only if we could do something about those shoes.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s doing his thang.

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And then there were these two.

Varun Dhawan is alright. (I’ll never forgive you for Badlapur, Varun.) How much can you fuck up a white shirt and black pants? Oh wait. You can by having a shiny ‘D’ printed on the front…


AND back of your shirt.

Kriti Sanon’s in Zara, a thundercloud H&M t-shirt and Vans. I bet her contract says that she cannot wear heels for Dilwale promotions, lest Varun reaches only her armpit.

Ummm…. okay then



Listen, I get that Ranveer Singh is cool and all and he can basically pull off anything but why this?

It’s as if a kid took paints to his tracksuit and went batshit crazy.


Ranveer’s worn enough clothes in the past to make you think that you are tripping on some heavy-duty  stuff, but seriously, what’s up with this?


Now THIS is much better. So much better. Yes, I know that the earlier look was at the airport and this one’s on a show, but still. There’s something feminine and delicate about this Rohit Bal look yet Ranveer’s all solid black jacket and smoldering look and curled moustache.

Bajirao-Mastani go glam

You guys, how amazing is the Bajirao Mastani trailer!? It just looks so… epic! Those Dilwale guys better have something more than flying cars and flying sari pallus.

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got into royal mode to launch the film’s trailer.

Deepika chose a black and white Sabyasachi look and Ranveer’s in an Anju Modi ensemble.

Clearly, these guys know that winter is coming and are dressed for it in a high neck and full sleeves and a jacket.

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Normally, I’d say something about how Deepika’s neckline is attacking her face but I WON’T say that because she’s, very obviously, stopping it from doing so.

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A curled moustache on a well dressed guy is all I need on a cold, cold night.

What was Deepika thinking!?

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Holy shit balls! What happened to Deepika Padukone’s jeans? Surely something must have gone wrong because no sane person would ever wear something like this. And Deepika is one of the sane ones.

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Could it all the dancing that ripped it?

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Or the lifting? Look at Ranbir Kapoor. That’s the face of a guy who knows he’s torn something.

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Maybe it’s just all that sitting around.

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Or folding arms.

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Or staring into infinity.

Something. Anything.

There HAS to be a logical explanation for those jeans because it can’t be that Deepika willingly chose to wear them.

London bound

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Another day, another Shaandaar-related event and another Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor beard sighting. Shahid’s beard, not Alia’s. You can’t really see Alia’s beard. That’s if she has one. Which I highly doubt.


I’m looking at Alia’s skirt and thinking that it’s got a pretty cool print of erstwhile telephone booths and then I see that it’s also got print of a double-decker bus. So, I’m like, Wow they are putting prints of Andheri East on skirts seeing as how double-deckers still ply there. But then I found out that Alia and Shahid were at a Visit Britain press conference. Which means the print is London. Which, you know, is a very smart choice.

Alia is in Chicwish.

I scream

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I could do with something cool right now.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the print on Alia Bhatt’s ASOS dress or the fact that Shahid Kapoor’s beard is talking dirty to me.

Can Shaandaar hurry up and release already.