Cannes Ki Kahaani – The Queen has Landed

For most, Cannes is more about ‘who wore what?’ than ‘who screened what?’ It’s true. Just admit it. And having gotten that out of the way, here’s the moment we’ve all (ok, some of us) been waiting for – Aishwarya walked the Cannes red carpet for the 15th time.

Embed from Getty Images

Aishwarya chose Lebanese designer Ali Younes (WHAT!? No Elie Saab? How could she!?). The gown is beaded within an inch of its life but let’s talk about that cape.

Embed from Getty Images

I want it to be attached to everything I wear – jeans and kurta, shorts and t-shirt… everything.

Embed from Getty Images

Aishwarya is at Cannes as L’Oréal’s brand ambassador (Sarbjit is also being screened) so you’d expect her make-up to be bang on. Why then does she look like Natalie Portman from Black Swan?


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