A cut above the rest

I won’t be the first or the last person to say that Katrina Kaif is not hot. I might be a minority but I don’t think I’m alone.

And Katrina showed people like me a giant middle finger when she walked the red carpet at the GQ Fashion Nights in a cut out Philipp Plein gown. And by cut out I mean CUT OUT. It was so cut out that there were tiny triangles of cloth missing under the bust.

And that slit was so high you’d think it was smoking up all day long.

If she keeps dressing like this I might have to change my opinion about her. Which, I’m sure, will make her very happy.

Not skirting the issue

Priyanka: Guys! Ranveer’s wearing a skirt! An actual skirt with pleats and shit.

That’s right! Ranveer wore a sherwani jacket and a long skirt and was super chill in it. I mean, the guy danced in it too. This, when some of us can barely stand upright in all that cloth.

Props to him for so casually being like, Fuck you, gender rules of dressing. I want to wear a skirt and I’ll wear a damn skirt.

You know, if he next rocks up to an event in a nauvari and totally kills it, I wouldn’t be surprised.