Bigg Boss is Hungry

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Salman: Putting this in mouth because it looks like something I’d find at a sweets store in Mahim on Fridays.

Jacqueline: What the fuck.

Salman: Bigg Boss pays very little.

Jacqueline: Let go of my saree, pervert.

Salman: That’s what Aishwarya said. So I bit her instead.

Picture is blurry because Salman drove an SUV over it.

Jacqueline: *faints due to shock*

Arjun Rampal: Gotcha

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Jacqueline:  Oh thank God.

Arjun: Hi. I’m a hipster. That’s what young people are these days. They’re hipster. Like me. It’s true. Because hipsters don’t lie.  Do you like my hat?

Jacqueline: Can I keep pretending to be unconscious so I don’t have to answer that question?

Arjun:  I like your saree. It’s like blue cotton candy. I feel like putting it in my mouth. Is that normal?

Jacqueline: Sigh.