Cannes ki Kahaani – Madame M edition

I know we should not have expected much from Mallika Sherawat if her last showing at Cannes is any indication but a girl can dream.

In a lace Emilio Pucci

In a lace Emilio Pucci

This one is so blah and che and meh and all the other articulate adjectives for boring that we have to come up with words to describe it. I’m just glad that people are going ape shit over the election results otherwise I would seriously have died of boredom.

FRANCE-ENTERTAINMENT-CANNES-FILM-FESTIVALThe colour is a pleasant one, leaning towards teal. Or maybe it is exactly teal. I don’t mind THIS much lace because she seems to carry it off fine. The peek-a-boo neckline is a reminder of the life Mallika has left behind. Sigh. Those were the good days.


Cannes ki Kahaani 2014 – Opening

The 67th Cannes Film Festival opened with Nicole Kidman’s Grace de Monaco. The reviews are not very favourable. But, I believe, that has nothing to do with the film itself but with the fact that Uday Chopra, the head of Yash Raj’s international wing, is co-presenting the film. Which means that he was present at the festival and honestly, I am a little disappointed that he did not come dressed as Ali from the Dhoom series.

Uday Chopra

He stood at the far end of the line in a simple, light suit that all present were skeptical about.


But that could be because they were not quite sure who he exactly was. And so a panel was called to discuss his identity.


Finally they figured who he was and Nicole Kidman (in Altuzarra) labelled him with a word we have been associating with him for a long time now.

Uday Chopra1

Let’s all raise our glasses to that now, shall we?

Aside: He does clean up alright, though.