Blue is the warmest colour

Priyanka Chopra

Anuya and I watched Gunday (hey, all of us need a laugh once in a while) and we could not help but notice Priyanka Chopra’s weight loss. Our exact words were, “Dude! Her waist is tinier than Ranveer’s nipple.” We speculated that it could be in preparation for her role as Mary Kom but then we thought that if that were the case, should she not have put on muscle? This, all while, Ranveer and Arjun were beating the crap out of each other or something like that.

But I understand her choice. If I had a body like hers, I would not even bother with a figure hugging dress, I’d just leave the house wrapped in cling film. This, actually, might be one of her better looks. Not that she dresses like a homeless person otherwise. Far from it, in fact.

The McQueen fits her well and the colour is gorgeous. Her hair looks a little fried but is doing okay. It’s her cutesy shoes that don’t quite work. I get the need to balance out a sexy dress with girly heels but I’m not buying it.


Aankho dekhi


Kajol is doing the right thing by applauding herself. She deserves it. The loose Zara shirt might seem dowdy but I think she wears it well. This look also makes it clear that Spring is here which most of us refer to as, ‘God, why is it so hot?’

She could have discarded the necklace (into my jholi, please) and worn earrings instead. But I do like the sparkly sandals. That’s my only note on them. That I like, like them.

Kajol eyebrows

I too want to walk around with never having to thread my eyebrows and pass it off as a feminist statement against the idea of beauty perpetrated by society. It’s just that I fear I’ll be a social reject.

Saree ke fall sa

I don’t see the fuss about this dhoti sari. The navari did it centuries ago and in a much classier way.

Sonam Kapoor

Everybody’s going gaga over how Sonam Kapoor picked this Tarun Tahiliani creation right off the ramp. Which only serves to give me an image of Sonam leaping up from the front row and wrestling the sari off the model.

But between the necklace and the Bottega clutch and the light makeup, I think she does fine.

What are you hiding?

Would you believe me if I told you we were MIA because I was helping my roommate with his irritable bowels and Anuya was advising me on it? True story, BTW.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan channeled Sister Maria before she became a von Trapp in this Tarun Tahiliani. I love tribal elements and hence love this print too but it all seems so closed up and boxed-in. Buttoned up collar AND full sleeves AND a modest hemline? But why? Years of conditioning have made me suspect a serious case of hickeys whenever I see a high collar.

But those shoes. I could stare at them all day and write poetry about how the straps interact with each other in a metaphor for life.

Write this minute

Our pages our filled with Bolloywood fashion but that does not mean we don’t have an opinion on what Hollywood wears. We have an opinion on EVERYTHING! We even have an opinion on having an opinion.

So, the good folks at POPxo (formerly known as eStylista) let us vent express our thoughts on the most boring Oscars looks. Not worst – everybody’s doing that – but stab-myself-in-the-eye boring.

Read it here and, as always, like and pay it forward because you don’t want to know our opinion on hoarders who read it but refuse to share. So, don’t be selfish.