Sole mates

Ranveer wears a Ashish N Soni suit with Louboutin brogues and Deepika is in a Tahir Sultan jumpsuit

Ranveer wears an Ashish N Soni suit with Louboutins and Deepika is in a Tahir Sultan jumpsuit

If matching-matching shoes do not spell true love, I don’t know what does.

Ranveer Singh1

I’m so over Crazy Eyes here. Not that I was, you know, ever under him. (I have to stop making Friends references.) There’s something unappealing about him. I don’t know if it’s the oiled chest or his roadside romeo vibe but he just lacks charm, I feel.


Hello, Dolly!

Katrina Kaif1

I guess I get why they Barbie-fied her.

Possibly my worst nightmare

Neha Dhupia, Esha Gupta, Chitrangda Singh

There is something extremely disturbing about grown women shaving themselves in public with all the world’s media capturing it. It’s the worst concept for a reality show. Which means it will have the highest TRPs. No, but seriously. What is HAPPENING here? I understand they are endorsing a razor and are only demonstrating its best features. So by that logic what can we expect when actors decide to endorse sanitary napkins or condoms?

In DRVV by Dhruv Kapur separates and a shirt from Express

In DRVV by Dhruv Kapur separates and a shirt from Express

Neha Dhupia’s kinky boss gave her the day off to attend the event. That is the only explanation for the fact that she’s dressed like the receptionist at a porn magazine.

In Manish Arora with Amrapali earrings

In Manish Arora with Amrapali earrings

Esha Gupta’s dress is cute barring the small issue of bells hanging from her tits and crotch. But her overall look with the orange shoes is nice.

Wearing Zara with Christian Louboutin heels

Wearing Zara with Christian Louboutin heels

The white of the sheath dress works great against Chitrangda Singh’s dusky skin. I’m glad she refuses to endorse fairness creams. Also, I might want to adopt those navy beaded Louboutins and raise them as my own.

Another film, another promotion

Imran Khan (he’s still around) and Kareena Kapoor got together to promote Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, Dharma Productions’ CSR documentary.

Kareena is in Verb by Pallavi Singhee

Kareena is in Verb by Pallavi Singhee

I love Kareena’s side braid but that’s because I’m partial to all kinds of braids. The dress, in itself, is nice. Nothing to fall in love with but neither is it a disaster to which we all have to donate to feel good about ourselves. I think her sense of style has grown up after she went and got herself a husband. Or that might just be my imagination since the last time I saw her with Imran she had pink extensions and was rating his butt on a scale of 1-10.

With director Punit Malhotra

With director Punit Malhotra

Kareena’s eyebrows are doing this weird thing where she appears to have two of them over a single eye. So, in all four. Like two normal ones with normal-sized arches and the other two that resemble wings of a very wicked bird.

Imran Khan

Imran is the smart guy here. He knows that promoting the film might not have its desired effect. So, before boarding his flight he did not bother to change clothes. Not even his shoes.

Dance, baby. Dance

Deepika in a Zara skirt promoting Ram-Leela in a mall with Ranveer. The only good thing about that sentence is that there is a Zara in there

Deepika in a Zara skirt promoting Ram-Leela in a mall with Ranveer. The only good thing about that sentence is that there is a Zara in there

Ranveer Singh: I’m so funny. High five, Deepika.

Deepika Padukone: No, bro. I’m afraid I’ll rip the other shoulder too. Ah, screw it. Here you go!


Ranveer: Dude! That really is a huge tear.

Deepika: See, I told you.


Ranveer: You want my shirt? My checks on your plaid will look good.

Deepika: Ew! No way! Plus you have massive crazy eyes happening.

Ranveer: So do you.


Ranveer: Ok. That came out wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, she the man.

Deepika: Aw shucks.

Guess it works

Guess picked Priyanka Chopra as the face of its Holiday 2013 campaign. Guess they were looking to make deeper inroads into the Indian market or guess they genuinely think her to be the face of urban India. Which is not too far from the truth. I guess.

Bryan Adams, yes, Bryan Adams who swore to be 18 till all of us died and fuelled many a drunken table top dances when he belted out Summer of 69, has photographed Priyanka in black and white which has become a Guess signature. It’s a little difficult to judge fashion images when they appear in black and white. Like what if I like the style but the colours make me look diseased? But most of them look like they are either black or white so I guess I’ll be ok. As soon as I can afford them.


She looks great as does the dress. Not so much what she said about the photos. “I come from the land of Kama Sutra. We’re conservative in our culture, but not in our pop culture,” she told New York Magazine’s The Cut. I guess I understand it but the more I read the quote the more it baffles me.


Priyanka is chilling in a Mediterranean villa in what looks like an uber comfy white shirt. Her bouffant and cat eye makeup are in great contrast to the laid back look.


Such a simple dress but so pretty. I guess if I too wore a push-up with a toilet role stuffed in each convex, I’d also get cleavage akin to hers.

Ghadi ghadi mera dil dhadke…

Hrithik Roshan

Is that Hrithik Roshan telling us, the general non-Hollywood-superhero movies-watching audience, that this is his way of preparing for his role as a mutant with poor memory and Adamantium claws? A completely original concept from the Roshan stable, of course.

Every superhero needs a great suit while going about his everyday business and Hrithik has found the right one.