Dhoom 3 – First Look

Okay listen, I don’t understand this concept of a motion poster, because in my head a motion poster is what gives you loosies and I am filled with this irresistible urge to chuck some Lomotil at it. The new Dhoom 3 poster features Aamir Khan’s naked back against a bustling city skyline, most probably Gotham, wearing a jaunty little hat and some pants.

Given what we know about his height, I am guessing that his character is something along the lines of an evil shirtless Charlie-Chaplin, walking around and striking terror into the hearts of citizens by toppling over trash cans and using revolving doors to create elaborate low-speed chase sequences.

Meri pant bhi sexy meri hat bhi sexy.

Meri pant bhi sexy meri hat bhi sexy.

Needless to say, I’m quaking in my shoes right now.


About Anuya J

Crazy person with an all consuming love for books, Bollywood, clothes and social media. Corporate sellout. Pigeon.

2 responses to “Dhoom 3 – First Look

  1. Bongbabe

    Looks like he is waiting for the rinse cycle to finish on his godrej washing machine.

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