Taking Cover Story Too Literally



Guys, I don’t think Vidya Balan understands what we are saying, so perhaps she doesn’t understand English? So in order to help her, I’ve translated it into five languages:

Voy a dejar de vestirse como Jaya Bachchan. (Spanish)

Mee Jaya Bachchan saarkhe kapdey naahi ghaalnar. (Marathi)

Je vais arrêter de s’habiller comme Jaya Bachchan. (French)

سأتوقف خلع الملابس مثل جايا باتشان (Tamil… LOL J/K it’s Arabic)

Sun yaar, chill maar. (Bindass/ Haryana youth.)

You think she’ll get us now? I mean, I like it that the outfit is a nod to Sharmila Tagore from the days of yore, but Vidya for God’s sake. How old are you? 35? YOU ARE YOUNG, YAAR. Nargis Fakri is almost same to same age. Stop dressing like an aunty and let your voluptuous body out of this designer saree-shaped cage. DO IT FOR SACHIN.


Also I took the liberty of completing the cover lines just for some fun:

1. Sonam silences her critics… by using special edition Dior duct tape that her sister picked up for her in London.

2. Why Katrina has no time for love… because she is too busy getting lipo all the time.







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