Tayyab Ali Fashion Ka Dushman Hai Hai


Sonakshi: I bet you can’t tell it.

Imran: Can’t tell what?

Sonakshi: That I stitched this dress myself. I learned how to do that in the WAGS class of this awesome school for Bollywood kids that I went to called WYPLYWTBHA*. It was a special session too, called What-to-do-when-you-put-all-your-money-in-an-Akshay-Kumar-movie-and-it-bombs. They have now re-named it LOLSHIRISHKUNDER.

Imran: Aren’t these bands on my jeans cute? They make me look like I’m a puppet. I am in pieces, held together only by the black cellotape of misery. ALL I EVER WANTED TO BE WAS A REAL BOY!

Sonakshi: You are a real boy. What you ought to want to be is a real MAN.

Imran: With *that* attitude, lady, you’ll never be married by 30. What will you blame your career’s end on then?

Sonakshi: Poor sartorial choices… Anyhoo. What do you think of my shoes? I bought them on Linking Road! Rs 250 only! Beaded by skinny hands of starving kids!

Imran: Sigh.


*(Where your parents leave you while they’re busy having affairs.)


About Anuya J

Crazy person with an all consuming love for books, Bollywood, clothes and social media. Corporate sellout. Pigeon.

One response to “Tayyab Ali Fashion Ka Dushman Hai Hai

  1. aish

    Can I tell you that you are by far the wittiest most hilarious critiquing ‘anything’ I have seen , read, heard , smelt or eaten.
    This image of this background dancer with your tag line will stay in my head for ever
    Two thumbs up

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