Sonakshi Ke Do Rang

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 3.01.45 PMSonakshi: I bet you can’t tell.

Ranveer: I bet you can’t tell either.

Sonakshi: That I’m cleverly using this bouquet of flowers to hide a tear in my dress! I AM GENIUS.

Ranveer: That I am practicing my Superman stare and I am hoping that if I look at you hard enough, you’ll become a cloud of smoke!

Sonakshi: You’re mean.

Ranveer: You’re boring.

Sonakshi: You’re mixing prints!

Ranveer:  You’re dressing like an extra from Moulin Rouge!

Sonakshi: Your tee used to be my couch.

Ranveer: Your forehead used to be my cricket pitch.

Sonakshi: I hate you.

Ranveer: I’m banging Deepika.

Sonakshi: Banging mins?

Ranveer: Sigh.


About Anuya J

Crazy person with an all consuming love for books, Bollywood, clothes and social media. Corporate sellout. Pigeon.

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