Nun Forrest. Nun.

They should call this movie Bhaag Sonam Bhaag, because she seems to be running from one movie promotional event to another. I like it how they dress in character at these shindigs, though when they do it for Ghanchakkar I feel like I’m recovering from drinking a lot of phenyl… I’m just glad no one we blog about has acted in Monsters Uni is all I am saying.

So this is what Sonam wore at Reality Show No 34: The Completely Original One about Dancing Which is Still Not As Good As So You Think You Can Dance.


Now, apart from the nun-vibes (which could be because I hear her romance with one of KJo’s minions isn’t working out) I quite like what she’s thrown together here. It’s elegant, and makes her look far more mature than her 20-something years, but the lace combats the sobering effect and gives the whole thing a touch of sexy. And the make up is spot-on, as you will see in this picture:


So well done, Sonam. It’s not your worst. It’s making me want to drink some cold coffee, stat, but I won’t hold that against you.


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