Sanskar and sweat stains


The trailer of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo hit the web giving us an instant dose of sanskar. I touched my mother’s feet and she actually placed her hand lovingly on my head instead of whacking the back of my head (tapli style) like she normally does.

Sonam Kapoor channeled all that sanskar in this Anamika Khanna look. She even added a maang tikka just in case we did not get the point.

Salman Khan, though, was like, Fuck this shit. I’m wearing a shirt and jeans and sweat stains.

Athiya gets sneaky


Athiya Shetty is wearing my dream ensemble.

As in, it’s not my dream to wear what she has on but I dream of flying gemstones. It’s my recurring dream, actually. I Googled what it means and the results were unsatisfactory.

Athiya, on the other hand, looks satisfactory. No. More than satisfactory.

Also that’s a Pankaj & Nidhi for Koovs gemstone top and skirt. It might look like a dress but it’s a sneaky little thing and is actually a top and skirt.

Aishwarya gallops back into our lives


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s comeback is really happening. I was hoping it was one big elaborate ploy by Bollywood but nope, she really is starring in a film.

From her choice of attire I’m going to assume that she plays a former equestrian who had a tragic accident involving her necklaces and now spends her time giving riding lessons to snooty South Mumbai kids. And yes, her beloved horse was called Jazbaa.

How is this even happening!?


We live in a world where this happens.

Where Scarlett Johansson gets to hang out with super talented hot guys.

Trailer Tamasha

Ok, so I know what’s their relationship status but just look at them!

And yes, it’s all probably only for the cameras and when they go back home they hate text each other. She, most likely, sends him links to Katrina’s Choc On ad and he constantly reminds her that she and Ranveer Singh will never have what Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor do, but still…

I mean she even smirks at his disappointment, but still…

Anyway, Deepika is in a Saloni maxi and a coin necklace. Needless to say she was going for boho and that’s exactly what she achieved. I’ve got something similar only I look less boho and more hobo in it.

I can’t really make out (make out, ha ha ha) the print on Ranbir’s tee so I’m gonna say it’s skull meets nerd guy.

Katti Batti was screened. People came to watch it


By now Kangana Ranaut has had to attend so many movie promotion events that she’s like, “Fuck you! I’m gonna leave my house in bathroom chappals. Try and stop me. No, no. Just try.”

Sonam Kapoor will NEVER think like that.

Huma Qureshi wants you to know that she thinks she looks great. Yes, Huma, we get it. You do look good here.

Gladiator sandals! The best trend since bathroom chappals. Also, why don’t we talk more about how Aditi Rao Hydari’s fashion choices are pretty much always on point? I think that’s a conversation we should all be having.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that we can now wear sneakers with dresses. I know that’s been the trend for a while now but until EVERYONE in Bollywood does not do it how can the rest of us?

Anytime I see a Richa Chadda photo it feels like she’s verbalising her inner thoughts. Like she’s always being snapped mid conversation. Or maybe I just chose this photo on purpose. Also, that top is super trippy.

Eliza Doodle

dress dress1

Don’t get what’s all the fuss over Alia Bhatt’s Shaandaar Doodle Dress. Every girl who has ever appeared for 10th standard board exams has her own version of the doddle dress. You just have to have the answers written at the hem of your uniform. Those Group D sums are a bitch.

Welcome Back!

Wanted the first post we do after a while (okay, fine, fine, we did one last week Mr Technical) to be titled Welcome Back and so I chose this picture from Welcome Back and also made my dear friend Anees Bazmee(we play rummi on Tuesday nights at Sajid Khan’s house… I just call him A) shoot an entire movie and release it at this precise moment so that everything is timed perfectly and happens before the clock strikes midnight and my carriage turns back into a pumpkin.


Shruti Hassan: *repeat to self* Nothing is worth allowing Sonam Kapoor to go all Edward Scissorhands on this skirt. Not even this movie. Nothing is worth allowing Sonam Kapoor to go all Edward Scissorhands on this skirt. Not even this movie. Nothing is worth allowing Sonam Kapoor to go all Edward Scissorhands on this skirt. Not even this movie.


Anil Kapoor: The fact that I can carry a movie AND a purple blazer on my shoulders at my age should be enough to ask for better supporting cast in A’s next, I think. Hmmm. Must consult Anuya on this one.

You ca

Grin and Bear It

I like it that their faces are so fake gleeful, almost as if they’re grinning through the pain of being in a movie that looks like a My Little Pony tribute-sequel to a Raju Chacha.  That trailer is so nauseatingly colourful, even Alia’s t-shirt had to shut its eyes because it couldn’t take it anymore (Read all about it in its autobiography, T-Shirt Ki Atmakatha, coming soon to an exam near you.) If I were Shahid/ Alia, I’d have sworn off colour too.

Guys, don’t worry, I have a black and white filter on Instagram all ready for you.

Baith Jaiye

Not sure if Rekha or Sonam Kapoor. Though if we’re looking at where they are on the railway journey of their movie career, one can assume they’re at the same platform, warily checking each other out and commending themselves for looking more youthful than the other at the very least. Sonam Kapoor, who is often lauded for her choice in clothes and one liners, looks completely off her game in this heavy gold saree and strict hostel matron hair, unless she has been approached to play Sonia Gandhi and no one bothered to tell the media because after Dolly ki Doli no one really cares anyway. Also I have this mad urge to touch her feet and ask for her blessing before I go give my board exams an.

I think all that gold has hypnotised me.

What The Little Birdie Is Saying.

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