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2 to Tango

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Alia and Arjun promoting 2 States in various states of duress

Alia and Arjun promoting 2 States in various states of duress

All you naysayers can suck it because Thane has officially arrived. Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor are only a few of the stars who stopped by (at Korum Mall) to promote their films, vindicating Thane and proving that it is a place worth visiting… to promote your film. Yes, I grew up in Thane. How did you guess? And no, we don’t want to be a part of Bombay anyway.

But I do have a point to make. That being, the zippers on the back on her jacket might not serve any actual purpose but they do jazz up a plain black jacket. Ok, fine. That’s not why I chose this picture. I picked it purely for the hilarious pose they are in. I suspect they are dancing to Saree Ke Fall Sa.

Grazia Young Fashion Awards

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The Grazia (A guy friend pronounced it as grey-zee-ya and that’s how I’ve saved his number.) Young Fashion Awards were held and the, seemingly, fashionable people of the industry were in attendance.

Sonam is all the coolest brands

Sonam in all the coolest brands

Sonam Kapoor, as always, wore all of Paris Fashion Week. That’s a Jean Paul Gaultier suit, a Chanel bag, a Givenchy necklace and Alexander McQueen shoes. Even if she wanted to go all androgyny on us she could have had her person take the jacket in an inch or two.

In Nikhil Thampi

Esha Gupta in Nikhil Thampi

I always wonder about innerwear whenever I see a dress with such a high slit. Going commando might be too risky so do they wear a thong with sides that go really high or is there a stick on silicone underwear that holds everything in place like bras do? So many questions such little importance. In all this, I almost missed the gorgeous zipper detailing on the thigh.

Wearing Namrata Joshipura

Wearing Namrata Joshipura

I know that as an, allegedly, self-actualised woman I am supposed to be comfortable in my own skin but Lisa Haydon’s sheer perfection is making that very difficult. She just makes the rest of us look like dog shit.

In a Vivienne Westwood dress

In a Vivienne Westwood dress

That’s a supremely cute dress. Richa Chadda does not do cute. She should give it a shot more often, though. Also, she could try an expression that’s not one of cold impatience.

In In Farah Sanjana

In Farah Sanjana

Priyanka Bose’s (Johnny Gaddaar, Guzaarish) maxi is so far whacked-out that I might just like it. Incidentally, my father came back with a similar image when he went to see the flamingos at Sewri.

Anushka Manchanda in Anand Bhushan

Anushka Manchanda in Anand Bhushan

It was awfully quiet this weekend near my house. Now I know why.  The guys in my wadi could not play their game of volleyball because they could not find their net.

In Pankaj and Nidhi

In Pankaj and Nidhi

The dress is perfect and age-appropriate and weather-appropriate on Shraddha Kapoor. It’s the styling that falters a little. A black clutch with nude shoes and nude-r lips? What happened to good old fuchsia?

A reminder in case we forget the real issues in life

A reminder in case we forget the real issues in life

Tisca Chopra’s hair is playing spoilsport so you can’t clearly read what’s written. It reads ‘#Selfie’ and it’s by the brand Huemn. So, get this – a design house designed a t-shirt with a print that reads #Selfie (which is what Anuya does all the time when she is not thinking about taking a selfie) and Tisca, who seems like an intelligent person, chose to wear it. Willingly.

Aditi Rao Hydari in Gauri & Nainika and a Manish Arora statement neckpiece   

Aditi Rao Hydari in Gauri & Nainika and a Manish Arora statement neckpiece

Don’t be deceived, dear people. That is no gown. It’s a draped jumpsuit. If a jumpsuit is going to such lengths to camouflage its true identity, is it not better off as a gown?

Anjana Sukhani

Anjana Sukhani

The blouse would make Silk Smitha very proud and her pants are dying to be worn by Aladdin. But seriously, what is going on here? Are her pants trying to run away from the horror of the top starting with the crotch? Or her top is so grossed out by the pants that it has physically recoiled from the waistband? Only her shoes seem content in their oblivion.

Poorna Jagannathan in Gaurav Gupta

Poorna Jagannathan in Gaurav Gupta

Lamé in small doses is something I can handle but give it to me in an entire gown, draped over a few times and I’m going to want to put it through the shredder.

Sonal Chauhan in a Nikasha Lulla monstrosity

Sonal Chauhan in a Nishka Lulla monstrosity

Now this one just wants to make me jump with joy… off a cliff. Quick question. Nishka Lulla and Sonal Chauhan, should I hand you the gun or will you guys take care of this yourselves?

Bollywood's future

Bollywood’s future

When I saw this image I was like, “Wow! Someone is actually doing the whole princess thing in public and not just the demure Kate Middleton kind but the actual tiara and gown variety and that too in Bombay.” And then I looked closer and saw that these were the Femina Miss India winners and they HAVE to dress like this until they sign their first Bollywood film. So yeah, thanks for shattering my hopes, ladies.

ET Panache: Single in the City (feat. Anuya)

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So, ET Panache interviewed me this week for a section called “Single in the City” - 
While the piece looks good on its own, they left out some of the questions that I loved and changed “twisty” to “twisted”, which all Grey’s Anatomy fans know is BLASPHEMY, I say. So here’s the full piece. Share it with handsome and eligible NRI bachelors, so that I can reject them and my mom can tell my maasi, “Aga teela NRI mula milat hoti, teech nahi bolli, mee kay karu.” (Psst: #ForeverAlone)
Here you go:
Questions: Single In The City – ET Panache
Name: Anuya Jakatdar
Age: 27
Designation: Editorial and Content Specialist (also known as, Boss, trend hua ke nahin?)
Company: YouTube India
About you: (In 140 characters) I’m a girly girl who pretends to be a bro so that her dude friends tell her all their dirty secrets.
Which TV character are you and why? I’m Meredith Grey. I’m dark and twisty but I make jokes about it so it’s cool when I go off on benders and end up asking men with great hair to PICK ME, CHOOSE ME, LOVE ME. Also I live with a Chinese person.
Which book character are you and why? Scarlett O’Hara. I’m spoilt and annoying but I can make a mean curtain dress.
What’s your pet peeve? I don’t have a pet peeve. I have a pet turtle. I use him to transport USB drives from one room to another… fine, fine, I’m lying. Chinese people eat turtles so I can’t have one. Happy?
What turns you on? Boys who know the lyrics to Yo Yo Honey Singh songs
What’s the one gadget you can’t do without?  My wifi router. Without it there is no internet. Without internet there is no Buzzfeed. Without Buzzfeed, I’d have never known what TV character and what book character I was. And then where would I be?
 On a night out, you’d wear…? Something short and clingy… kinda like my ex-boyfriend
If you were a superhero, your mission would be….? Helping people do bad things. Not evil things. Bad things.
Football or cricket? Cricket. Mainly because football usually airs super late at night, and at that time I’m busy fighting crime/ helping people do bad things
Sushi or Pav Bhaji? Kombdi Vade #ManoosPride
Your favourite city in the world? If I say New York, will you promise not to roll your eyes and judge me for being pretentious?
What did you do with your first salary? Spent it on booze and shoes
Who would you like to be with on a crowded island? Damon Salvatore
A movie you could watch everyday? Jab We Met


If a song were to play on loop everyday for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Anything by Anup Jalota

Which quiz are you —  ‘Which “Game of Thrones” Character Are You’ or ‘Which “Mad Men” Character Are You’?
Game of Thrones. It’s the best show EVER. I’d take smooth-talking dwarves with a chip on their shoulder over gel-wearing advertising geniuses any day. Also, guys. Boobies.
Which quiz are you — ‘Which CEO Are You’ or ‘Which Font Are You’? Font!
(What is a CEO? Is it like ILU?)
Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal? Arvind Kejriwal
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Blue is the warmest colour

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Priyanka Chopra

Anuya and I watched Gunday (hey, all of us need a laugh once in a while) and we could not help but notice Priyanka Chopra’s weight loss. Our exact words were, “Dude! Her waist is tinier than Ranveer’s nipple.” We speculated that it could be in preparation for her role as Mary Kom but then we thought that if that were the case, should she not have put on muscle? This, all while, Ranveer and Arjun were beating the crap out of each other or something like that.

But I understand her choice. If I had a body like hers, I would not even bother with a figure hugging dress, I’d just leave the house wrapped in cling film. This, actually, might be one of her better looks. Not that she dresses like a homeless person otherwise. Far from it, in fact.

The McQueen fits her well and the colour is gorgeous. Her hair looks a little fried but is doing okay. It’s her cutesy shoes that don’t quite work. I get the need to balance out a sexy dress with girly heels but I’m not buying it.

Aankho dekhi

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Kajol is doing the right thing by applauding herself. She deserves it. The loose Zara shirt might seem dowdy but I think she wears it well. This look also makes it clear that Spring is here which most of us refer to as, ‘God, why is it so hot?’

She could have discarded the necklace (into my jholi, please) and worn earrings instead. But I do like the sparkly sandals. That’s my only note on them. That I like, like them.

Kajol eyebrows

I too want to walk around with never having to thread my eyebrows and pass it off as a feminist statement against the idea of beauty perpetrated by society. It’s just that I fear I’ll be a social reject.

Saree ke fall sa

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I don’t see the fuss about this dhoti sari. The navari did it centuries ago and in a much classier way.

Sonam Kapoor

Everybody’s going gaga over how Sonam Kapoor picked this Tarun Tahiliani creation right off the ramp. Which only serves to give me an image of Sonam leaping up from the front row and wrestling the sari off the model.

But between the necklace and the Bottega clutch and the light makeup, I think she does fine.

What are you hiding?

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Would you believe me if I told you we were MIA because I was helping my roommate with his irritable bowels and Anuya was advising me on it? True story, BTW.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan channeled Sister Maria before she became a von Trapp in this Tarun Tahiliani. I love tribal elements and hence love this print too but it all seems so closed up and boxed-in. Buttoned up collar AND full sleeves AND a modest hemline? But why? Years of conditioning have made me suspect a serious case of hickeys whenever I see a high collar.

But those shoes. I could stare at them all day and write poetry about how the straps interact with each other in a metaphor for life.


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